Gas Detection

Ensure safety from toxic gasses and keep your work environment safe with our gas detection equipment.

Introduction to Gas Detection

When working in a toxic gas-prone area it is essential to have equipment that meets standards recommended by OSHA. As a distributor, West Coast Equipment & Safety Supply provides a comprehensive range of gas detection equipment available for both rental and purchase.

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More Than Equipment

At West Coast Equipment & Safety Supply, we ensure that customers have access to the right tools to maintain a safe and compliant work environment with an extensive selection of gas detection products.
We offer robust and reliable gas detectors:
  • For detecting CO, H2S, O2, LEL and many more
  • Devices with long-lasting sensors and clear displays 
  •  Suitable for harsh environments.

About Service

We aim to address all  of our customers’ needs:
  • Provide short-term and long-term rental options for gas detection equipment
  • Offer comprehensive training and certification programs for employees on the proper use, maintenance, and safety procedures related to gas detection equipment.
  • Provide necessary tools without a significant upfront investment
Competitive pricing and flexible purchase plans. Our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance ensure that you meet all regulatory standards. With us, you get not just products, but a partnership dedicated to your safety and success.

Enhance Safety with Our Certified Training Courses

Master key safety practices through our industry-compliant training programs, tailored to empower your team with the latest safety protocols and techniques. Our expert-led courses are designed to foster a culture of safety and compliance in your workplace.

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