Personal Protection

Don’t Risk It. Get Equipped with Our High-Performance Personal Protection Supplies

Introduction to Personal Protection

At West Coast Equipment and Supply, we are aware of the dangers that crews without personal protection in high-risk environments are prone to. In industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, waste management, and emergency services, personal protection items such as eyewear and hearing protection are non-negotiable.

Ensuring maximum workplace safety is not just a goal but a responsibility we take seriously at West Coast Equipment and Supply. We provide the necessary supplies to keep your crew safe so you can focus on your operations with peace of mind.

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The Ideal Protection for Your Industry’s Hazards

West Coast Equipment and Supply sells or leases the following personal protection items:

  • Hi-Viz Outerwear (All-Season)
  • Eye/Hearing Protection
  • Wireless Communication (IS)
  • Breathing Equipment/SCBA
  • Gloves/ Glasses/ Boots/ Hard Hats/ Hydration

Aside from what we’ve listed above, we also provide workers protective clothing and welding protection.

Regardless of the dangers that may or may not be unique to your field, our solutions will ensure your crew returns to their loved ones intact.

Why Choose Us?

We can think of a million reasons, but the following should do the job of convincing you:

  • We offer PPE of the highest quality from trusted manufacturers to ensure optimal protection for your workers
  • Our products meet or, in many cases, exceed industry safety standards and regulations.
  • We have all kinds of personal protection equipment ranging from Hi-Viz outerwear to wireless communication.
  • Thanks to bulk purchasing options and the durability of the equipment we provide, you’ll make significant savings in the long term.
  • We have a team of customer care professionals who are always ready to provide guidance and address your concerns.
  • We’ll update you about the latest safety innovations and best practices.

We Offer Safety Training Programs

We don’t stop at providing personal protection equipment (PPE) solutions; we take it up a notch by providing comprehensive training courses and exercises for your workforce. Our training centers offer hands-on instructions to show your crew how to use and maintain personal protection items and their limitations.

When the workers receive this training, the result will be minimal risk of injuries and accidents on-site, which will, in turn, make them feel safer, boost their morale, and make them more productive.

For you, this means a better bottom line, lower insurance costs, and compliance with safety regulations, all of which are good for business.

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