Portable Pipeline Systems

Emergency response equipment for bypassing water mains in planned or emergency situations using emergency response trailers outfitted with lengths of lay-flat hose. Complete system includes bypasses, road ramps for protecting hose, and house connections.

Emergency Response Trailer 6X6

  • 6″ lay-flat hose with 6 dividers, each divider consists of 660 feet capacity. For total of 3,960 feet of hose (with no fittings)
  • Trailer consists of double axle unit and abides by all Department of Transportation codes
  • Electric Brakes
  • Durable steel A-Frame trailer
  • 8000 lbs minimum of each wheel
  • Retrieval speed of 3 RPM
  • Free reeling deployment with T-handle brake system
  • Auxiliary ready reel trailer

Other sizes available: 4×12 Trailer (4 dividers, 12″ hose, 2640′ total hose length), 5×8 Trailer (5 dividers, 8″ hose, 3300′ total hose length)

Emergency Water Distribution Systems

Our portable distribution systems, make it easy for your crew out in the field to get your water or wastewater from point A to point B. The systems creates flexibility in responding to an emergency, planned outage, floods, sewage spills, water main breaks, or any liquid transfer that you may need.

Our unique systems allow the user to go from a hydrant using NSF 61 potable hose for drinking water to a meter or hose bib. Using our unique fittings to go from 2.5” to 2” hose allows you the flexibility lay a line down a block or many blocks. You may also want to go from 2” to 1” to connect to houses, buildings or any other connection. Our road ramps allow efficient handling of hose across roads.