CV Series Hydrovac Trucks

Refined design

The CV Series line of Hydrovacs has been developed and perfected over many years. It sets new standards in hydro excavation industry. Every aspect of the hydrovac process was analyzed to ensure that the CV pulls the most dirt in the least amount of time with the safest and most efficient operation possible. All critical components are centralized and housed in an insulated, heated aluminum van body. Operators especially appreciate the functional space located on both sides of the machine.

Powerful performance

The RB-DV series of rotary three lobe PD blowers can operate at high vacuum levels thanks to a patented device that injects atmospheric air. This device allows the blower to operate at maximum vacuum capacity without overheating. RB-DV series blowers can reach vacuum levels of up to 93% on a dead head -27” Hg without the need to inject water or use an upstream heat exchanger, consequently lowering installation and operating costs.

The extendable boom delivers superior reach and mobility. Our unique head-mount design allows 342-degree rotation and a 26 ft reach.

Easy operation

All functions can be operated via wireless radio remote control for single operator functionality, backed up with concise manual controls if needed.

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