minCam mc50 Push Camera


3″ to 16″
  • 55mm self-leveling camera
  • 200 ft. of 9.2mm cable
  • 8″ sunlight-readable monitor
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The mc50 is a compact and durable CCTV push camera system. The 2″ self-leveling camera can push through 4″ 90-degree P-traps. Application range is 3″ to 16″ (with all optional accessories). Includes 512 Hz sonde standard, 33 kHz available for special order.

Included in System

KK55SL 2.2″ self-leveling camera, 200 ft. cable on reel, System control unit with 2 hours battery life, 8.4″ monitor with SD card recording, Accessory case with centering skids up to 10″.

Additional information

Cable Length

Standard Cable Length of 200', Maximum Cable Upgrade to 300'


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